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Our highly trained auditors do a thorough audit of the insured, not a "match audit" to simply match the audit to the policy. They take a fresh look, including operations and classification codes.

Each audit is checked by our experienced Review Department before being submitted. We use updated ISO/CGL, NCCI, WCRIB, PAAS and other industry sites to check that classifications are being properly applied. If the auditor has noted a possible change in a classification, the reviewer thoroughly researches guidelines to assess accuracy. 

Audits are performed on Visual Soft software and sent via PDF format. Reports and systems are willingly customized to the requirements of the Carrier.


  • A high level of accuracy

  • Thorough description of operations, including reasoning for classification changes and cause of material increase/decrease in payroll exposure

  • A standard exceptions analysis is attached to each applicable audit.

  • An overtime analysis when overtime is paid.

  • For Corporate Officers, Partners, and Sole Proprietors, the titles, duties and ownership percentages are reflected.

  • Each subcontractor is checked for proper licenses and certificates of insurance and included in wages where appropriate.


Our company standard for turnaround time is 60 days. 

Eighty-five percent of audits are currently completed in a 45-day time frame.

Urgent audits are prioritized upon request at no additional charge, if not abused.

We know that time service is key to our customers.

As soon as we receive an audit request it is assigned and sent electronically

to an auditor that day, along with the necessary information to conduct the audit.   

We hire auditors that are detail oriented and time efficient

in keeping with our quality standards.



Currently at 92% passing, averaging under 10% errors in the last five years.

Our audits provide the detail and accuracy that reduces the risk of test audit errors.

We have the best reviewers in the industry to examine every audit

before being submitted to the carrier.

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