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Our Carriers report they value the precision and thoroughness of our audits,

but what really makes us stand out is our responsiveness to questions and our ability to solve problems.

Where Carriers are accustomed to waiting days or weeks for responses to requests,

99% of our responses are answered by our Fast Response Team within 24 hours

We know when you have questions or challenges, you need answers and solutions sooner than later.

Our clients thank us frequently for upholding this standard.

  • Our Company has been conducting W/C, G/L and Garage audits for over 20 years. 

  • Focused on our Customer's needs, we deliver Time Service and Quality they deserve.

  • Experienced Auditing Small, Medium and Large Companies.

  • Committed to the Highest Level of Audit Accuracy and Completeness.

  • Fully staffed with 50+ auditors, Cal Audits Performs Virtual Audits across the Country.

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