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Management Team

The Management Team at Cal Audits has over 130 years of Combined Audit Industry Experience. 

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Ron Thompson
VP, Operations

Ron has been in the industry since 1989. He started his career in the Bay Area and worked as an Independent Contractor Auditor for multiple audit companies statewide for 14 years. He started his own premium auditing company in 2003 but two years later was recruited by a national audit company as their Audit Manager.


After three years Ron determined to once again run his own company in California but apply the vision of adopting a “Carrier First” focus while providing the highest possible audit quality. He was determined to take out the frustration that Carriers felt from being handed off from one service person to another. His vision was to give Carriers immediate responses to their concerns, rather than making them wait 5-10 days or longer for simple requests. He also envisioned an audit company that would invest in and give deserved respect to the auditors. He knew it would take determination and hard work, but he trusted that loyalty would follow, and Cal Audits was born. His wife, Teresa, shared the vision and would lead the charge overseeing rapid response times. Loyalty did follow – the company prides itself on not “churning” through clients but keeping strong, trusted relationships.


Ron established Cal Audits in the industry as The Fast Response Company, providing most responses in under 24 hours. Their goal is not to be the biggest – it is to maintain a size that allows them to fulfill the company’s mission to provide exceptional, quality audits and to preserve a persistent commitment to personalized service.

Bob Thompson
General Manager

Bob started his career in the Insurance Industry in 1988 with a small Southern California company called Golden Coast as a part-time Field Rep. He moved up to the San Francisco Bay area when a new office was opened where he learned and performed his first audits. Later, he moved to Arizona to open up a new office and then Colorado when the company moved to Fort Collins, CO. By this time, Golden Coast had grown into a nationwide company during the 90’s. With Golden Coast, Bob acted as a Regional Manager overseeing auditors in the Western States, the South East, South West and the North East.


In 2000, Golden Coast became US-Reports as the company was now nationwide. Bob moved back to Arizona, where he lives today, and continued to manage different areas of the country. One of Bob’s favorite positions with US-Reports, was the managing and overseeing of the California operations. During his time working with the California auditors, Bob became very familiar with most areas of California as he traveled throughout the state meeting with auditors and working on audits himself. Bob has learned firsthand some of the challenges California audits face and the challenges of working in some of the different cities throughout California.


In the late 2000’s as US-Reports had grown and was now doing work outside of the US, the company became Afirm Inc. With Afirm, Bob continued to work with and manage auditors and became more involved with the training side of the business. With the growth of Afirm, a national training program was put together with Bob and his team. They worked with new auditors from around the country via internet and in person for several weeks in what was called “boot camps.”


Bob joins Cal Audits as the General Manager, bringing with him his years of auditing and training experience.  As a native Californian, Bob looks forward to working again with California auditors and Cal Audits as it continues to grow and provide great service to its customers. 

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Doni Greaves
Audit / Review Manager
Melinda Walter
HR Manager / Scheduling Manager

Doni joined Cal Audits as an Auditor in 2013, was promoted to the Review Team and soon became the Audit Manager. As our need for increased audit quality grew, we knew Doni was the right person to become our Review Manager. She manages the Review Team, making sure all of our audits are submitted with the highest quality. She provides training and continual technical assistance to the Reviewers.  She successfully ensures timely processing and accuracy from the company’s  Reviewers.


She began her career as an Auditor in the early ‘80’s at Jensen & More, Inc., learning the Premium Audit field from her father. Later, she joined Industrial Indemnity and then moved on to Transamerica.  She also worked for the Insurance Educational Association for several years, providing the instruction of the APA-91, APA-92 and Workers’ Compensation Manual classes.


She transitioned to Golden Eagle Insurance, which later became Liberty Mutual Insurance.  She was promoted from the field to Audit Supervisor, managing the Review and Dispute staff.  She worked closely with management, underwriters, brokers and field staff for 10 years.


Doni missed the field audit work and joined State Fund in 2001, staying for 11 years of service.  She was recognized for excellent customer service and was given the SCIF Bravo Award for referring a substantial fraud case.

Melinda is the HR Manager at Cal Audits, where she is heading up recruitment and the onboarding process of audit vendors. As our need for top-quality schedulers grew, Melinda also took over our Scheduling Department as Scheduling Manager. Melinda joined Cal Audits as an Auditor in 2016, and she began Reviewing the following year.  She has embraced her role as HR Manager with enthusiasm and drive, recruiting and on-boarding some of the industry's top auditors to the betterment of the company and to the ultimate satisfaction of the customers. Her work mentoring our Scheduling team is invaluable as Cal Audits auditors strive to produce some of the best time-service in the industry.

Melinda brings a variety of skills and experience from over 20 years as an Independent Contractor Bookkeeper working with clients in the automotive, human services, education and financial industries. She was a passionate teacher for over 5 years and brings this passion into play as she recruits, onboards,  coordinates and works with our auditors and schedulers. Her organizational and management skillset was specifically honed during 10 years as Office Manager in the construction industry where she managed HR, performed bookkeeping duties, and successfully took on the task of rewriting and implementing policies and procedures, effectively streamlining operations, and improving the bottom line.

Support Team

Jennifer Gonzalez
Support Team Manager
Coworkers plan work

Jennifer worked as an Escrow Officer at a large title and escrow company for 7 years. She worked in the Resale and Refinance Department. During that time she refined her customer service skills.  When her family starting growing, she became a stay-at-home-mom for 10 years.  She was heavily involved with her three daughter’s sports, school events and PTO where she held a board position for Community Support. 


When she re-entered the work force in December of 2017, she was hired by Cal Audits as an Audit Scheduler and quickly moved up in the business to Office Manager.  She handles all the day-to-day office administrative duties, works directly with Auditors, provides the Customers with Status Reports, submits invoices to the Carriers, and assists Customers via phone or email whenever they need support.

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