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Officer Exclusion Endorsement

Below is an audit assignment that does "not" include an exclusion endorsement for any of the companies principals. Also below an exclusion endorsement the insured provided to the auditor for this exact policy and date, that "does" exclude the two officers. Anytime this happens, an exclusion endorsement will always override the audit request. In this case, the carrier probably just made a mistake by not including the exclusion endorsement onto the audit request. But, when you do have a separate exclusion endorsement provided by the insured or agent, make sure to check the policy # and dates to verify they are for the correct policy you're auditing and are for the correct dates.

Also, you cannot just take the word of the insured, accountant or agent that the insured has an exclusion endorsement, they must provide you with a copy of the actual endorsement for you to be able to excluded any principals.

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