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Nexus Form Letters - How to Change Your Contact Information, December 2019

Do Your Nexus Form Letters Include the Correct Contact Information?

Auditors and schedulers should review form letters created in Nexus, before they are sent making sure the contact information, particularly the phone numbers, are correct. In some instances, incorrect or outdated phone numbers have been found on recent letters emailed to insureds. This can happen for several reasons, for example, when an auditor changes schedulers, changes phone numbers or when the correct field in the Account Information page is not complete.

When auditors review, correct and maintain accurate account information in Nexus, insureds have the correct contact information on the emails they receive. See red printed areas below on the sample 10-Day Letter, and verify these areas are correct on all outgoing letters.


RE: Pending Audit Policy Number: Policy Number: SWC1250508 Policy Term: 06/20/2019to 10/18/2019

Dear Sir or Madam:

Security National Insurance Company appreciates your business and we attempt to serve your company’s insurance needs to the best of our ability. We understand the nature of running a business and know that you are very busy,

and your time is important. Part of our service to you is making sure that you are being billed correctly. To do this, we must perform an annual audit to assure that you continue to be billed the correct premium and that your employees are classified correctly.

Please contact the assigned auditor, Melinda Walter, (916)508-3551, or, within 10 days from the date of this letter to avoid an estimated audit. (*Please note: An estimated audit may result in up to a 50 % increase applied to your auditable exposures for your upcoming renewal and may even put future renewals in jeopardy.)

Please contact Security National Insurance Company directly if you have questions regarding this matter.


Auditor: Melinda Walter

Phone: (916)508-3551

If you find that your phone number or other contact information is showing incorrectly on the Nexus form letters, follow the instructions below.

· Go to Nexus Management and log in

· Right click on your name where it shows up on the upper right side of screen

· Update contact information

· Include phone number in multiple lines even if same number, as shown below. If you are changing your number, be sure to replace it with another number in the same field, or the old number may still show up in the form letter even when the old number no longer is shown on your account information page.

Contact Melinda Walter with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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