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Internal Notes Box

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Where is the Internal Notes Box? Look for the Source / Verification / Time tab on left, when in an audit. There, at the bottom of the page, is the Internal Notes Box.

What is input into this box cannot be seen by the Carrier. For this reason, it is the ideal location for notes passed between Auditor, Review and Management. Some examples of use:

  • Doni approves adding a class code to the audit:  "Doni approved adding 8810. 12/1/18", for example.

  • Doni approves travel time:  "approved adding .5 for travel. 12/5/18".

  • Doni approved billing:  "Doni approved 4.5 hours. 11/15/18".

Please notice that in each of the examples, the exact amount of time that was approved was noted, and the actual class code was noted. Adding the date and initials of the writer is always a great way to avoid added questions/confusion regarding the comment. Omitting these important notes often causes added time to the review process in having to verify information, and in some cases, the audit may be returned to the auditor.

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