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Change of Named Insured Endorsement

Recently we received an audit back from a carrier, to be corrected, because the auditor did not follow directions and make proper changes per the endorsement that was attached. The name shown on the audit request was Santa Catalina Island Resort Services, Inc., which shows on the attached audit. But there was an endorsement attached that changed the insured’s name to Catalina Island Company dba Pebbly Beach Building Supply (see highlighted section on the attached endorsement below).

The auditor mentioned the name change in the UW notes, but did not change the name on the header page or the DOO (see highlighted sections on the audit below).

When receiving an endorsement that changes the name of the named insured, you need to change the name in the header page on Visual, the DOO, and note the change in the UW notes section. You need to address all endorsements, regardless what the endorsement is. If no change needs to be made after reviewing the endorsement, notate no changes needed in the UW section of the audit.

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