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AmTrust Split Audits

Effective immediately, AmTrust wants their audits split, according to the estimates on the assignment, EVEN IF THIS IS NOT AN EX-MOD SPLIT.

You can tell whether the split is a true ex-mod split, by the date showing in the ARD box and by looking at the rates for each class code, per the split date, as the class rates will be different. When it is a true ex-mod split, then you must allocate/split the wages and note the audit that there was an ex-mod split.

If there is no indication that there is an ex-mod change/split, but the estimates are split, then you still must add the split date. You can either allocate the wages according to the split OR you can simply add the split date and allocate all of the wages to the first split.

Below is KC Southcoast: The policy had a true ex-mod split, as shown on the assignment. The wages HAD to be split on the exact split date.

Below is Inland Presort: There is NO ex-mod split, but the split date still had to show on the summary and the auditor was allowed to allocate all wages to the first split date.

This is something that AmTrust requires and if this is not followed, audits will be rejected and returned to the auditor for correction.

Contact Doni with any questions.

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