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10-Day Letter Instructions / Pre-requisite to Returning Job as Non-Compliant / Non-Productive


January 2020

Before returning an audit as Non-productive,

· A 10-Day Letter must be emailed or mailed to the insured and their agent prior to returning audit as non-compliant/non-productive.

o An audit cannot be returned as non-productive without sending the 10-Day Letter, unless the customer requirements state otherwise, such as with **CompStar and PEI. See Carrier requirements.

o Approval from Bob or Doni to not send the 10-Day Letter is to be noted in the Progress Notes (internal only).

Effective immediately, all 10-Day Letters must be generated from Nexus Management.

o The 10-Day Letter can now be generated in Nexus Management where all information will be pre-populated. Step by step instructions on how to generate the 10-Day Letter from Nexus Management is attached.

o If the letter isn’t attached to the audit case history when the job is submitted as non-productive, the job will be returned to Auditor UNLESS previous approval to not send the 10-Day Letter was given by Bob or Doni is noted in Progress Notes.

*The terms Non-compliant and Non-productive are interchangeable.

· “Non-compliant” is the term used when speaking with the Carriers. To them, the insured didn’t comply with the audit.

· “Non-productive” is the term used here at Cal Audits. To our auditors, the audit wasn’t productive.

** Both CompStar and PEI request that the scheduler/auditor submit information to Jenn at instead of sending a 10-day letter. Jenn will forward the information to the Carrier asking for assistance. The Carrier will handle on their end and get back to the auditor. In each case, review the specific Carrier requirements in order to comply.

Also see, How To Generate A Ten Day Letter In Nexus

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