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What's Too Big For A New Auditor?


December 2019

As many of you already know, some of our audits can be just too big and/or too complicated for new auditors. Before scheduling appointments for new auditors, our schedulers keep the following in mind. These guidelines are used for the first 3-4 months. However, as all of us learn in different ways and at different paces, the timeline is fluid to accommodate all.

In addition, new auditors should be reviewing their audits well in advance of audit appointments. Should questions arise, or an auditor have concerns over the size or complexity of an audit, it is the auditor’s responsibility to contact Ray Camino, Mentor/Auditor Support, well in advance of the appointment to allow time for discussion and reassignment, if necessary.


· Number of Class Codes: 1 or 2 Class Codes (3 if all or most have low estimated exposures)

· Estimated Exposure Limit: Less than $500k payroll

· Number of States: California only

· Number of Entities: One only

· Carriers: AmTrust is easiest, but we don’t have to limit Carrier if other requirements are met

o No GuideOne or Berkeley audits

o No Farmers with multiple locations

· Dual Wage: Allowed only with low exposure of $200k or less


· Based on Sales or Payroll: OK

o 1 or 2 codes only

o Sales any size

o Payroll Limited to $500k Estimate

· Multiple Entities: No

· Multiple States: No

· No Garage Liability Audits

· All Berkley Virtuals can only be billed at 1 hour – not suggested for new auditors.

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